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Discover Amberizon – your ultimate destination for the finest, authentic Baltic amber beads since 1999. As a specialized supplier, we bring you a diverse range of premium quality loose amber beads, raw amber materials and tumbled amber stones. Every amber gemstone bead we supply is guaranteed to be of the highest standard of authenticity and quality with over 20 years of experience. From the experienced designer to the hobbyist, we cater to all those who love to create beautiful pieces of amber jewelry. Explore our wide range of products and start creating today!

Round Baltic amber beads in honey color, drilled - calobrated spheric beads

Our store is perfect for both professional jewelry designers and hobbyists alike. Whether you’re looking to create a piece of jewelry for yourself or for resale, we have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

At our company, we take immense pride in being the original EU/global amber bead supplier since 1999, offering a diverse range of designer-quality Baltic amber products. Our extensive collection includes exquisite amber beads in various shapes, sizes, and colors, catering to all your creative needs. In addition, we provide tumbled and raw amber stones, chunks, pieces, and powder, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of this precious gemstone.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, we offer plastic screw/twist clasps that mimic the warm hues of amber, perfect for jewelry making. However, our primary focus remains on providing our customers with high-quality, authentic loose amber beads and raw amber materials made from 100% genuine Baltic amber, widely regarded as the finest variety of amber in the world – succinite.

Whether you’re a professional jeweler, a passionate crafter, or simply an admirer of nature’s wonders, you can purchase genuine Baltic amber beads in bulk quantities or smaller amounts, tailored to your specific requirements. Embrace the timeless elegance of amber and elevate your creations with our exceptional offerings.

Our beads are great for many creative projects like making jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, ornaments, and sweater or glasses chains. Their bright colors and smooth surfaces make your creations look lively and charming. Perfect for beaded jewelry, art projects, and other crafts. You can use our beads for more than just necklaces. Make earrings, bracelets, yoga bracelets, rings, anklets, ear cuffs, brooches, hair accessories, and all kinds of jewelry pieces. Let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities our beads offer. Some of our loose beads come in irregular chip shapes, giving your jewelry a distinct, natural look. Our beads are excellent for DIY gifts, arts and crafts, home and wedding decor. Share them with loved ones for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays.

Loose Beads - Raw amber chip beads for necklace, bracelet, earring making
Tiny unpolished untreated raw amber beads for DIY jewellery projects

As a leading amber bead company, we offer many different kinds of natural Baltic amber beads. We have beads in various colors such as yellow, brown, reddish brown, white, and green. The hole sizes range from very small at 0.8mm to 1mm across. Our beads come in 7 main shapes: baroque (irregular), chips (small pieces), beans, round, olives (oval), flat olives, and freeform (random shapes). You can choose between polished beads with a shiny surface or unpolished beads with a frosted, matte look. We sell loose amber beads in many different shapes beyond the main 7: Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Teardrop, Heart, Star, Cube, Tube, Disk, Bicone (two cones joined), Nugget, Chip, Heishi (flat disk), Rondelle (short cylinder), Barrel, Cone, Lentil, Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Octagon.

Get your amber jewelry supplies straight from the source

We are a prominent online supplier of Baltic amber jewelry based in the Baltic States. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we specialize in providing high-quality Baltic Natural Loose Amber Beads. Our loose beads are directly sold by the manufacturer, ensuring reliable sourcing and excellent value. With lightning-fast and affordable global shipping, your orders will reach you in no time.

We take pride in offering a wide selection of loose Baltic Amber Beads in various colors, sizes, and shapes. The beads come with a drilled hole of 0.8-1 mm in diameter, making them convenient for crafting your own Baltic Amber Jewelry designs. Choose from our diverse range of shapes, including baroque, chips, beans, round (balls), olives, flat olives, and freeform beads. You can opt for polished beads for a refined look or unpolished beads with a frosted style for a unique touch.

Our amber beads are available in popular colors such as lemon, honey, cognac, cherry, milky, and green, allowing you to create captivating jewelry pieces. Additionally, we offer undrilled tumbled amber stones and small amber pieces, expanding your creative possibilities. Explore our gemstone beads designed for bracelets and necklaces, adding an extra touch of elegance to your creations. Shop with us for exceptional quality, affordable prices, and a vast selection of loose Baltic amber beads and related jewelry supplies.

Discover our extensive inventory of loose amber Bead Strands, available in various shapes and sizes. Whether you need loose gemstone beads, beads for bracelets, or mala beads, we have a comprehensive selection to meet your requirements.

Loose Amber Beads for Jewelry Making

Loose beads are an essential component for creating exquisite amber jewelry. With their versatility and natural beauty, loose beads provide endless possibilities for designing unique and personalized pieces. When it comes to amber jewelry making, loose beads offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit different styles and preferences. Whether you’re aiming for a classic and elegant look or a more bohemian and organic feel, there is a perfect bead waiting to be discovered.

Balitc amber beads are a versatile and popular choice for jewelry making, they can be used to create a variety of different styles of jewelry. Some popular types of jewelry that can be made with amber beads include:

  • Amber Necklaces: Amber beads can be strung together to create a variety of different necklace styles, from simple strand to multi-layered designs.
  • Amber Bracelets: Amber beads can be strung together or woven into a variety of different bracelet styles, from simple to more complex designs.
  • Amber Earrings: Amber beads can be used to create a variety of different earring styles, from dangles to studs.
  • Amber Rings: Amber beads can be wire-wrapped to create unique and one-of-a-kind rings.
  • Amber Pendants: Amber beads can be used to create pendants that can be hung on a necklace or bracelet.
  • Amber Brooches: Amber beads can be used to create brooches that can be pinned on clothing or bags.
  • Amber Anklets: Amber beads can be strung together to create a variety of different anklet styles, from simple to more complex designs.

Loose beads are used to make jewelry, but can also be used for other DIY projects. You can make ladie’s necklaces, baby necklaces, ladie’s bracelets, earrings, pendants, charms, baby teething necklaces, anklets and bracelets. Beads come in many shapes (round, chips, baroque, beans, disks, donuts, freeform etc.), sizes, and colors (most popular amber colors are: cherry, cognac, lemon, honey, butterscotch, egg yolk, green, grey, white (royal amber) and even blue. We also offer baltic amber button beads and large hole beads. Perfect loose beads for crafts.

With loose beads, you have the flexibility to create not only traditional amber jewelry but also combine them with other gemstones, crystals, or metals for a contemporary and eclectic look. Let your imagination soar as you explore different bead combinations, patterns, and textures.

Genuine Baltic amber button beads for jewelry making

At, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality amber buttons, carefully crafted to add a distinctive finishing touch to your creations. Our amber buttons are made from authentic Baltic amber, ensuring their natural beauty and quality. With options available in freeform shapes and round shapes with 2 or 4 holes, you can explore various design possibilities and find the perfect button for your jewelry piece.

For jewelry designers and crafters, we offer our amber buttons in bulk quantities, allowing you to create multiple pieces with ease. Additionally, our button packs provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with different shapes and colors. Each pack includes 25 buttons in freeform shapes, providing a variety of options to inspire your creativity. For your convenience, our amber buttons are available in bulk, providing an ideal solution for jewelry designers who require larger quantities for their projects.

Twist clasps / Barrel clasps

These plastic screw clasps are specifically designed for creating Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets, providing the perfect finishing touch to your exquisite jewelry designs. Our plastic twist clasps are thoughtfully crafted to match the colors of natural Baltic Amber beads, ensuring a seamless and harmonious aesthetic for your jewelry creations. The barrel screw clasps feature two round threaded cylinders, where one end screws into the other end by twisting them around several times. This secure and reliable mechanism guarantees that your jewelry stays in place, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to wear your amber jewelry with confidence.

Whether you’re a jewelry maker, hobbyist, or enthusiast, our plastic twist clasps are an essential component in your collection of jewelry-making supplies. They provide the necessary functionality while complementing the beauty and elegance of Baltic amber beads. Shop with us and discover the convenience and versatility of our plastic twist clasps for amber jewelry making. Elevate your creations with the perfect finishing touch, ensuring your amber jewelry pieces are both secure and visually stunning.

Amber Bead Types

Loose beads are versatile and can be used in various craft projects beyond jewelry making. While bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are traditional jewelry items made with loose beads, they can also be used to embellish picture frames, candle holders, and mirrors. Crafters use wire, leather, string, and other materials to string the beads together for their desired project.

Craft beads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for all types of crafting projects. Common shapes for jewelry making include round, square, and rectangular. For other projects, heart-shaped, star-shaped, or flat beads may be used to depict a specific image or attach to a flat surface. Additionally, unique shapes like crosses, horseshoes, and animals can be found among craft beads.

Baltic amber seed beads are typically small, rounded beads that are commonly used in loom and off-loom bead weaving techniques. These versatile beads can also be used as spacers between other beads in jewelry or for simple stringing projects.

Loose Round beads are beads that are spherical or ball-shaped in appearance. They are one of the most common shapes of beads and are used for a wide variety of jewelry-making projects. Round loose beads come in a range of sizes and materials, including glass, plastic, metal, and natural gemstones like jade, pearls, and agate. Common diameters for loose round beads in mm are: 4mm, 5mm 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. However, beads can be found in many other sizes as well, depending on the specific type and style of bead.

Bean-shaped loose beads are small, oval-shaped beads that resemble the shape of a bean or a kidney. They have a slightly curved surface and can be used in various jewelry making projects, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Bean-shaped beads can come in a range of materials, sizes, and colors to suit different preferences and styles. They are a popular choice for jewelry making due to their unique shape and versatility in designs.

Disk-shaped beads, also known as coin beads, are flat circular beads that resemble coins. They are often used in jewelry making and come in various sizes and materials. The edges of coin beads can be smooth or have a textured surface, and they can be used in a variety of beadwork techniques such as stringing, weaving, and embroidery.

Bead types according to the different finishes

  • Transparent beads refer to amber beads that are either clear or colored, allowing light to pass through their surface.
  • Opaque beads – amber beads that do not allow light to pass through.
  • A lustre finish refers to a glossy surface finish on a transparent bead.
  • Matte finish amber beads have a smooth and velvety texture, without any shiny appearance.
  • Supra finish – amber beads with frosted looking finish
  • Metallic finish – amber beads with shiny, reflective surface.
  • Frosted finish – a slightly rough or grainy surface that has a soft, matte appearance.
  • Iridescent finish – amber beads that have a pearl-like, rainbow sheen over a colored or transparent surface.

Jewelry making beads can be used in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings , jewelry sets, etc. You can create beautiful pieces of jewelry and jewelry sets with jewelry beading supplies of your choice. Loose amber beads selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our jewelry making & beading shops. Huge variety of loose amber beads and clasps, which are perfect for making your own unique jewelry.

Loose bead shapes: baroque, beans, oval, rondelle, chips, nuggets, round. We also offer polished & unpolished (frosted) beads. Faceted and free-form beads. Bead colors: cherry, lemon, honey, white (royal white amber), green, grey, black, egg yolk. Diameter of beads: from 1mm. MOQ: We do not have minimum order quantity. You can buy as much as you need. We sell beads in small bags, by individual bead and in bulk (wholesale lots – loose amber beads).

Wholesale Glass Beads Strands, Cube, DeepSkyBlue, about 8mm long, 8mm wide, 8mm thick, hole: 1mm, about 42pcs/strand. Strand 12x4MM Natural Cylinder Tube Shape Stone Loose Beads Imperial Jasper for Jewelry Making DIY Design. Uncut Chips Beads/Freeform Shape Gemstone Beads|4-5 mm Plain Uneven Smooth Beads for Jewelry Making. Transparent Amber Bead Strands, Frosted, Round, MarineBlue, 10mm, Hole: 1.3~1.6mm; about 80pcs/strand. Loose beads from China, Europe, Baltic States, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

We ship loose Baltic amber beads to US (United States), Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Germany, France.

100% natural authentic Baltic amber beads. Check out our loose baltic amber selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade items. We only sell products made of natural Baltic Amber, no additives, colorants, powders or any other resins glues, etc. Everything you see is natural Amber.

Thank you for choosing Amberizon, your one-stop shop for all your jewelry-making and crafting needs since 1999.

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